ESTS Zurich Fellowship 2019

ESTS Biology Club Logo.jpgSince several years our department offers, via the ESTS Biology Club, young scientists and clinicians the possibility to acquire profound knowledge not accessible at their home institution. The Biology Club fosters research ideas within the European Society of Thoracic Surgery and over the past years many fellows had the opportunity to participate and learn from different research institutions others than their home unit.

We are proud that Zurich has already been the host for several times now. Our current and alumni fellows research institution, are:

  • Laurens Ceulemans (University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium)
  • Masaki Hashimoto (Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital in Nishinomiya, Japan)
  • Carlson Aruldas (First Saint Petersburg I.P.Pavlov State Medical University, Russia)

Carlson Aruldas was awarded for the ESTS-Brompton Prize for best abstract with the title “Pulmonary hypertension may improve in selected patients after lung volume reduction surgery” in Innsbruck, Vienna. The fellowship winner from 2017, Masaki Hashimoto, an assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital in Nishinomiya, Hyōgo, Japan, even extended his fellowship on own financial support to be able to stay for 1 year to benefit from our research program.

Additionally, one member of the ESTS-society (Marc Boada, MD) was rewarded by ESTS to participate in our “Microscopical lung transplantation course in mice” held and established in our institution since several years now.

Bewerbungen senden Sie bitte direct an Sue Hesford, Executive Director, ESTS, Einsendeschluss ist der 1. April 2019.

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